• Stress urinary incontinence

Many women suffer from stress urinary incontinence. That means you have to deal with the involuntarily loss of urine during due to coughing, laughing, sneezing or physical efforts like sporting or playing with your (grand)children. This can severely influence your social life, while seriously decreasing your quality of life.

Stress incontinence often is associated with the weakening of the pelvic floor muscles. This weakening can arise with overweight, after child-birth or abdominal surgery. But also a shortage of female hormones (estrogens), especially after menopause, or uterine prolapse can lead to impairment of the sphincter.

This type of incontinence is caused by the fact that the sphincter mechanism cannot handle sudden increase of pressure in the abdominal wall. This results in leakage, which of course creates a very uncomfortable feeling. Urolastic supports the sphincter mechanism and strengthens the tissue around the urethra. Four globules (with the size of a pea) form a flexible ring around the urethra, that helps absorb the sudden pressure.

Other treatments are either insufficiently effective or rather invasive when a full operation is required. Urolastic is an attractive alternative, because it is less invasive (outpatient procedure) yet has a long lasting effect.