“With less leakage, I have more confidence. I would definitely recommend Urolastic.” – patient, Groene Hart Ziekenhuis

Urolastic has a great effect on my life. I no longer feel dirty and dare to travel again.

“Urolastic had a great effect on my life.” – patient

Since I was 6 I had a stoma and 30 surgeries, this made my bladder become weak and I had continuous problems with urine leakage. This is now improved, I stay dry and use no towels anymore. Unfortunately I still need my weekly bladder wash.

“I stay dry and use no towels anymore” -patient, Groene Hart Ziekenhuis

Ik zou Urolastic zeker aanbevelen. Door de behandeling gebruik ik nog maar 3 mini inlegkruisjes, in plaats van 7 normale inlegkruisjes.

”Ik zou Urolastic zeker aanbevelen ” – patiënt, Groene Hart Ziekenhuis

After I had given birth to two kids I started to become incontinent. I worked through a complete programme, but I really didn’t notice any real improvement. Then my urologist suggested he could treat me with Urolastic. The outpatient procedure took only a few minutes and didn’t hurt at all. The effect was awesome! I was excited. Even when I worked out or laughed I did not lose urine anymore. Urolastic really has changed my life.

“Urolastic changed my life” – patient, Groene Hart Ziekenhuis