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  • Is Urolastic the right solution for you?

Urolastic is composed of a rubbery material with tissue-friendly properties. The liquid material is injected in the area around the urethra, where it forms a rubbery substance in minutes.

The substance is not resorbed by the body. This allows for a sound bulking effect with less injected material. In addition, Urolastic’s effect is long lasting due to its non-resorbable properties.

If you suffer from involuntary urine loss, Urolastic is likely to be the right solution for you. This must be determined by your doctor, who will ask you a number of questions and perform some simple tests.

Would you like more information about the treatment or to know whether you are eligible for treatment with Urolastic ? Please contact the relevant department in the hospitals listed below and ask for the possibilities.

Hospitals in The Netherlands

Bergman Clinics – Amsterdam
Afdeling: Urologie

Amsterdam Medisch Centrum – Amsterdam
Afdeling: Gynaecologie

Radboud UMC – Nijmegen
Afdeling: Urologie

Isala – Zwolle
Afdeling: Gynaecologie

Noordwest Ziekenhuisgroep, Den Helder
Poli Gynecologie

Maxima Medisch Centrum – Eindhoven

Afdeling: Urologie

IJsselland Ziekenhuis, Capelle aan den IJssel

Afdeling: Urologie

Slingeland Ziekenhuis, Doetinchem

Afdeling: Urologie

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